Wednesday, May 4, 2016

TMFW (not) 139 - Goodnight, and Good Luck

I started True Music Facts Wednesday on a lark on September 4, 2013, when I encountered a fun story about Three Dog Night's name and sent it to my friend Jinx.  (I later incorporated that story in the opening sentence of TMFW 8, which deals with the band name Toad the Wet Sprocket).  

Over the next two-and-a-half years, I wrote 138 entries and tens of thousands of words, and I bothered you with them each Wednesday without interruption.  But today, as I sat down to write volume 139, the process felt more like a hassle than a joy.  I started three different entries from my drafts folder, but couldn't get myself to work them up.  

So rather than force it, I'm taking my writer's block as a sign that it's time to call it (at least for now) on TMFW.  I hope that you found something worthy in all of these electrons; it was an awful lot of fun while it lasted.




BONUS NOTE:  I've still got 75 could-be TMFW draft entries, from one-line notes to half-written stories.  If I start doing this again, I will send along a note to let you know.

BONUS NOTE 2:  For good measure, here's a collection of goodbye songs for you, each by a subject of a prior TMFW:

"I Will Remember You," Sarah McLachlan (TMFW 131 subject.)

"Hello, Goodbye," The Beatles (TMFW 44477894, and 135 subjects.)

"Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road," Elton John (whose producer was the subject of TMFW 33.)

"These are the Times to Remember," Billy Joel (TMFW 124 subject.)

"Closing Time," Semisonic (TMFW 12 subject.)

"Going Home," Kenny G (as TMFW 38 teaches, this is a goodbye song in China.)

"On to the Next One," Jay Z (TMFW 99 subject.)